Anti Snap Locks, Anti Pick, Anti Bump, Secure Door Locks?

How do you know if your Locks are Secure? Most modern doors have this type of Euro lock fitted.
Did you know that over 90% of doors fitted with this door lock can be easily snapped, allowing intruders easy access into your home in less than a minute?

To see how easy it is to snap this type of lock, watch the "Lock Snapping" video below.

According to Police statistics and as seen on BBC Look North and The One Show, this type of crime is rapidly increasing due to the weakness of these door locks.

This is Happening NOW in Your Area!

South Yorkshire Police announce a sharp increase in burglaries in Sheffield 2013 on the BBC website - Read More

Call Now & We'll Fit New Secure Door Locks For You!

Secure your Property Now with High Security Door Locks which Feature -

  • Anti Snap
  • Anti Bump
  • Anti Pick
  • High Security Keys
  • Police Preferred Specification
  • Tested to BS 559658
  • Security Locks Sized to Fit ALL Types of Doors

Fitting Secure Door Locks will Stop This Happening to YOU!

Now you have seen for yourself how easy it is to break these type of door locks, don't Panic, Do Something About It!

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